Sacred Women Circle

Raw, vulnerable, with all our gifts and shadows, we meet to empower our cycles of the feminine, to celebrate our sensitivity and to reconnect with the power of togetherness.

Being within a circle, creating union, no one above, no one below.

Dear Sister, Grandmother, Mother, Daughter

Come to share yourself fully, expressing your being, your voice, your pain, your everything, raw and vulnerable.

This shall be a meeting to celebrate ourselves the way we are, with all our shadows and all our gifts.

We will build an altar together, to nourish our connection to mother earth and will make a new moon offering.

Bring your instruments, food to share, and your sisters.

Together we will move through some excersices to help us express and feel. we will nourish our body, sing and dance together.

Mela Mariposa

Mela Mariposa, mother, cacao lover, ritual space holder & breathworker.

My passion is to work with mother earth, to bring in the simple teachings and wisdom of nature. I truly love working with women, empowering the feminine, to blossom and to reconnect with the womb power. I use different elements, the breath to deepen the connection to our source, movement, singing, and rituals to remember where we come from and to remind us of the sacredness of life. I like to travel deep and find the spot of a little discomfort, where transformation can take place. Where the flower can start opening, and our inner being can shine.

I have 20 years of experience working with people, I was a psychiatric nurse in the past, and have held space for processes and transformations, for groups and individuals.

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2pm arrival
3pm Opening Circle, Connection & Breath
5pm Songs, Prayers & Voice Work
7pm Chakra Dance Wave
9pm Closing, Sharing & Food

Upcoming Dates:

18th of June 2-9pm, New Moon Women Circle

Alentejo, Portugal, @Moon Heart Temple, Luzianes

Contribution sliding scale 22-55€

Send an email or text to register: [email protected] or +351962278719


Please send me an email if you are interested to join!

"This was such a beautiful ritual and afternoon, and cracked me wide open when I had my guard down! In this setting with the beautiful music, cards and sharing circle I was able to be honest about my deepest fears and desires, feeling safe and held by Mela in the environment she created for us. It has introduced a new ritual to me. I’m so grateful to her for this experience." ~ C.M. England