Spirit Coaching

Being guided into a state of Presence -  Transforming Fear into Courage - Letting your Dreams become Reality

My coaching approach works with the most potent methods and techniques of both the East and the West. It is where the therapeutic approach meets meditation and somatic and heart work bring deep realisations and true integration.

In a state of presence (meditation) you can find the answers to your unhappiness, your lack of expression or your unfulfilled dreams. This can be the end of internal stress, of feelings of confusion and anxiety, difficult emotions, or even physical problems. It can finally bring lasting change to your life rather than a short-lived breakthrough – no matter whether you feel totally lost or are simply wondering about which step to take next.

Tools and Topics in a Coaching Session

We all grow up to become somebody who more-or-less fits into society. Quite often the price is the abandonment of our visions and dreams. It is only later in life that we wake up and realize how we are lacking direction and meaning.

In my coaching sessions we are calling these visions back in. We work on discovering what you really want in life and how you can manifest what may seem a distant dream at this moment. Oftentimes it is our belief systems, our blind spots or our shadows that hold us back from manifesting and living what we long for.


Belief System

Belief systems are thoughts that we repeat to ourselves, mostly unconsciously, and in all kinds of situations. Each one of us has a particular set of them usually implemented during childhood and adolescence. Shame and lack of self-esteem are common symptoms.

Each human has the astonishing amount of about 60.000 thoughts every day. To a large extent they are simple repetitions of what we have once accepted for ourselves to be true. A lot of these thoughts are not only repetitive, but they are also negative as well.

Together we can discover the kind of thought patterns and belief systems that are not serving you, and we can investigate how to change them. Already by bringing awareness to our thoughts, we can start to shift them into being more positive.

In addition to becoming aware of thoughts and belief systems we can also look at the origin of both. Where do they actually come from and what do they belong to? This part of the work is not so much about dwelling in the past or analysing reasons and causes too deeply. It is more about bringing into the light that which lies in the shadow of our consciousness.


Shadow work

Shadow work helps us to discover the hidden parts of our being, the parts of our personality that we prefer to ignore. In psychology these parts are called the shadow. They can frequently harm our life, in a way that we are not aware of – as a habitual reaction to places, people or experiences. Our shadow parts can prevent us from manifesting the life we want and from reaching our true potential.

Shadow work might sound scary and can be rather uncomfortable. But in looking at the dark parts we can discover some great gifts as well. Integrating this shadow self is in fact essential for being able to act for our own greatest good. One of the most beautiful metaphors for this process is the evolution of the lotus flower – a symbol of utmost purity – which is born out of the mud.


The more we become aware of our psychological makeup the more we realize that we are in fact the creator of our own life. Not just in an esoteric way or as a motivational challenge but rather as a sombre realization: that influences from our upbringing, as well as the general cultural programming in our subconscious, are running our lives for the most part. If we shine the light of awareness into these shadowy places, we gain the power to change everything we want!

I deeply believe that everyone who really wants it can turn from victim to hero! No longer need to complain. We can empower ourselves and become the best version of ourselves whenever we are ready.

Additionally, I work with self-love practices and inner child work. It can be beautifully supportive to heal our hearts by removing the walls which we have created around them over a lifetime. Inner child work relates to healing our childhood wounds and celebrating the child who lives within us.

In all this work, we become aware of our emotions and learn how to deal with them – how to accept and embrace all these parts of ourselves and eventually become whole again.

Let's make our life the best story we can ever tell.

Coaching Offerings

Spirit Coaching

This coaching method is a combination of talking, exercises and meditations. Together we will create a programme which will fit your individual needs and your lifestyle.
It is important to understand, though, that if you want lasting change you need to commit to doing practices in between sessions. And you need to be prepared that old patterns and strong resistance may come up. For this reason, it is so especially important to understand your visions and goals first. This way you will be motivated to stay on track.

Spirit Coaching in combination with Breathwork

This is for those who want to dig a little deeper. The powerful combination is suited best for people who have already done a lot of work on themselves, maybe even some kind of therapy, and who are still feeling stuck.
Breathwork is one of the most powerful tools because it bypasses the mind and affects the deeper layers of our being more directly. With the breathwork exercises, we are working on the energetic level of our being rather than the mind. My approach includes body and spirit in the process.
Because of its intensity, the combination of coaching and breathwork is not suitable for everyone.

In our first session we have a look at your situation, your needs and intentions. Together we decide what the best approach is for you and develop a programme which fits your lifestyle.

To guarantee more success and long-lasting effect I recommend a set of 10 sessions, with one session per week. We can meet in person or online.

Discover what fits your needs!


My Approach to Coaching

My coaching work is infused with elements of psychology, yoga, Tantra, meditation, Family Constellation and Gestalt therapy. What seems like a random list is a well-considered blend of wisdom from East and West. Everything I offer is coming from my studies and my own personal experience.

The framework of my sessions is something that we could also call meditation. In this context we are not practising meditation in the classical sense of yoga or Buddhism. It is more that we are working FROM a space of meditation.


I am guiding you into a state of presence, in which you can become aware of what is the reality of your being. You can deeply sense what is present and what is missing. The beauty of this process is that you will come to the core of any issue yourself. My job is simply to support you to realize your own magic and potential.

With your growing awareness and insight, you can empower yourself and take responsibility for your state of mind, your emotions, and ultimately your whole life. Simple exercises from a range of Eastern and Western techniques will support your process of evolution. We go through them during the sessions to deepen your understanding and to turn them into an accessible practice for your daily life.

You can easily integrate them into your schedule and this way make change last!

It is to one of my teachers, the psychotherapist and spiritual teacher Svagito Liebermeister, that I give credit for this powerful combination of methods from East and West – where therapy and meditation meet. I have been studying Family Constellation and Zen counselling with him for several years and have eventually adapted his way of empowering human beings rather than treating them.

If you are ready for lasting change in YOUR life, book a free call with me to discover your path.

Let’s explore together which are your next steps towards lasting contentment and joy.

"I completed the 1-year coaching-based breathwork training with Mela Mariposa and I am very grateful for all the experiences I was allowed to make during this time. What I really appreciated is the individual support from Mela. As a result, I have managed to build trust, break out of my comfort zone and go my own way strengthened. The loving presence and at the same time clarity in the accompaniment helped me to dive deeply into my process. For me, the highlights of this training were definitely the retreats in Portugal. Mela, you are a great inspiration as you go your own heart path so authentically. I can recommend you from the bottom of my heart, both in coaching, in breathwork and in class. For everyone who goes deep and wants to experience something new and transforming - you will not regret it! Daniela, Switzerland