Self LOVE Breathwork Journey

Over 5 weeks, once per week, online via zoom.

Self Love Breathwork Journey

"One of the marvellous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals". - Jean Vanier

Over the time of 5 weeks we meet once per week, via zoom. Recordings are available for 3 month.

At 5.30pm GMT, 6.30pm CET. Every Tuesday.

Next Self Love Journey Starting on 10th of October 2023


"Conscious Connected Breath” to awaken all senses

Conscious breathing will most likely move energy, in can travel into all directions, depending on your day, your emotional state and your current stress levels.

You may get in touch with emotions, thought patterns and your deepest belief system.

"E-motions" are nothing else but energy in motion, as are thoughts and other mental projections. Your breath can move this energy at will when applied with a conscious intention and a clear focus. This way breathwork can open, connect or release anything that feels stuck or hidden in your system.

Read mor about breathwork here.

Self LOVE Journey

A committed group of max. 15 breathers, will be together over the time of 5 weeks. It is a space to meet, share, grow and show up. We will explore the topic of Self Love together. There will be exercises, meditations, movements, and homework that is simple to weave into your daily life.

The more you allow yourself to participate the more you will gain! Self Love is a BIG topic. Be ready to shift your world upside down!

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How does it work:

The groups sessions online usually last around 2.5 hrs.

In each session, we take time in the beginning to meet each other, share and practise together.

The feeling of safety, and trust to reach a point of surrender is incredibly important. Specially because we work online, we will spend time to gather resources for you, so you understand how to hold space for yourself at home.

The breathing practise itself lasts approximately 45 min, you will be lying on the floor if not mentioned differently and it is all guided with deep medicine music, sometimes with live music.


Please do not eat heavy meals before. Only light food such as fruits or vegetables, better is to be on an empty stomach though, 2-3 hrs before the session. In case you have diabetes please reach out.

If you are pregnant or you suffer from any psychosis, strong asthma, severe heart disease, glaucoma, please get in touch first.

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you”- Rupi Kaur

How to prepare for an online session:

Please make sure you download the zoom application before you log in and take time to prepare yourself so you are ready when we start the call. Make sure you are not on a full stomach and rested.

Prepare a space were you can lie down and listen to the instructions. Prepare yourself a comfortable space, with some pillows and blankets and tissues in case you need it. Keep some water close by. Use some speakers or headphones and make sure nobody/nothing is disturbing for the duration of the session.

After the session, please take your time to relax, eat and drink well (lots of water) and connect to nature if possible. The best is not to schedule a lot of activity after the session.

Connect with me if you have any questions!

Dates & Prices

Self Love Journey

Dates: We start on 10th of October at 5.30pm GMT, 6.30pm CET. Every Tuesday. Replays are available for 3 month. Including telegram group chat to support each other.

Price: 144.- for all the 5 meetings.  Payment plans possible.

This journey is for you ...:

... if you want to deepen your connection with yourself

... if you want to start a regular guided breathwork practise

... if you want to bring more self love into your life

... if you want to experience the power of group work

If you can't participate live, you will be asked to share in the telegram chat and still connect fully to the group. It is recommend to participate live as much as possible.

Please read all infos on how to prepare in the description above. And please note it is required to be with your video on during all the sessions.

This session is NOT suitable for you if you are pregnant, suffer from psychosis, severe asthma, heart diseases, or glaucoma. If in doubt, just get in touch.


YES, I'm ready for a Self Love trip!

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” – Dr. Maya Angelou