Breathwork Ceremonies

Upcoming Breathwork Group Ceremonies

A simple technique called "conscious connected breath".

You can also call it a "gateway" to your inner world.

It is a profound breathing method that deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, conditioning, thought patterns and emotions.

Read more details about breathwork and it's benefits here.


"Conscious Connected Breath” to awaken all senses

Conscious breathing will most likely move energy, in can travel into all directions, depending on your day, your emotional state and your current stress levels.

You may get in touch with emotions, thought patterns and your deepest belief system.

"E-motions" are nothing else but energy in motion, as are thoughts and other mental projections. Your breath can move this energy at will when applied with a conscious intention and a clear focus. This way breathwork can open, connect or release anything that feels stuck or hidden in your system.

How do group sessions work:

A ceremony usually last between 3-4 hrs.

We take time in the beginning to meet each other, to open up for such a powerful journey, through exercises, movement, bodywork and sharing.

The feeling of safety and trust to reach a point of surrender is incredibly important. We integrate all layers of body, mind and spirit, to prepare you for a deep experience.

The breathing practise itself lasts approximately 1 hour, you will be lying on the floor if not mentioned differently and it is all guided with deep medicine music, sometimes with live music. After the breathing there is live sound healing for relaxation/integration and a possibility for sharing.

Different events may have a different topics/themes.


Please do not eat heavy meals before. Only light food such as fruits or vegetables, better is to be on an empty stomach though, 2-3 hrs before the session. In case you have diabetes please reach out.

It is recommended to attend more then 1 session, to benefit more from this powerful work.

If you are pregnant or you suffer from any psychosis, strong asthma, severe heart disease, glaucoma, please get in touch first.


Upcoming Events in Portugal

Breathwork Group Ceremonies


Upcoming Group Sessions:

Regular Thursday meeting from 5.30- 8.30pm @Moon Heart Temple, close to Luzianes. Alentejo.

Thursdays: 05.10, 26.10, 9.11


Energy exchange:

25- 45 € sliding scale.

Registration required. Limited space.

To save your spot send an email or sign up on +351962278719

1 Day Intensive New Moon Breathwork

This is a one day workshop/intensive, where you have the possibility to connect with your breath in 2 ceremonies.

We create a space for safety and connection, before we enter the breathing session. There will be movement, sharing, exercises. With the aim to open up your body and to support you to feel comfortable to enter the sessions.


Breathwork Teacher Training-11


10am-1pm Morning Session

1pm- 3pm Lunch and break

3pm- 6pm Afternoon Session

6pm Soup

8pm Celebration (Fire, Songs & Dance)


Location: Moon Heart Temple 5km from Luzianes- Gare

Date & Time: 14th of October, 10am - 10pm (evening celebration is optional) you are welcome to stay over night.

Exchange: 75.- € - 100€ sliding scale. Including food.

Registration required. To reserve your spot, a pre-payment of 50€ is required.

Send an email to [email protected] or telegram +351962278719.


Sign Up:

YES, I'm interested in discovering the power of the breath!

Like a massive cleaning session, or as if an enormous blow-dryer sweeps everything that is no longer needed out of my house. That’s how it felt – one hour of focused connected breathing with Mela Mariposa. And this is how I feel now – an hour later: released, vibrant and wide open. Smiling for no reason other than being alive and feeling it. It seemingly opened up a few floodgates as well. Creative ideas and answers to questions I recently had are pouring in towards the end of the session.

Being a lover of Yoga, guiding other people through all kinds of embodiment modalities and just now coming back from my own Yoga retreat I thought I was relaxed and open already. But the “going through” some of the motions and emotions that moved me during this potent breathing process is what brought the ultimate relaxation and the feeling of having experienced a big clean-up at the same time.

Not that it was all that messy, but contraction is sneaky and tightness in body and mind a daily occurrence.
Welcoming whatever arises with a thorough inhale and letting go of it with a sigh-like exhale. This is pretty much all there is to the technique. But girl, does it get to you, when you do it more than half an hour!

Embracing whatever there is, welcoming all, is the mantra in Mela’s guidance. Yes to what is. Yes to life. Letting go of the holdings, the contractions. Both are teachings for life, nothing less.
And an invitation: Expanding into the vastness of being. Feeling joy in every cell. Vibrating with energy. And then me wanting to jump up and embrace the world instantly, starting half a dozen new projects at once.
Mela keeps us on the ground, guides us back to our everyday consciousness. Gentle and caring.
No session is like another, is what she tells us right from the beginning. Leave your expectations outside. Open up for something new.
It worked. It was a truly unique experience. Thank you, dear Mela, for holding such an exquisite space!