Rituals & Ceremonies

A sacred space for reconnection, healing & vision

Ceremonies are the most magical support for our journey into healing and transformation. We come together as a community. We use the power of sitting in a circle with a shared intention and tap into the collective energy field. We connect to Mother Nature and through her to spirit. In working with her beautiful gifts, we practise letting go of what no longer serves us and calling in what we need for our next steps. We listen, we share and we celebrate. And we rise, expand and empower each other.


Coming Back to our True Nature

Nature is a perfect and harmonious web of interrelations. And we are not separate from her at all. We are Nature. We come from Nature and we go back to Nature. She supports us in giving us food to eat, air to breathe and a place to live. She is our home.
Ceremonies have a lot to do with honouring this. We honour what is. When we allow ourselves to let go of our various burdens and blockages, Nature can help us to drop in and connect to our own natural place. It is a connection to a subtler energy field, to our true nature, to spirit, or to the divine – whatever you want to call it.

Sense of Belonging through Ceremony and Ritual

In any ritual we will first give thanks to the spirits of Nature and ask for their support and guidance. We connect with our ancestors and the wisdom of age-old traditions. Another important element is the setting of a clear and focused intention. I deeply believe in the power of conscious intention and consecration and use it throughout all my work.

There is an even bigger potential still when we do all this in a group. We weave together our own energy with the energy of the community and this way tap into the collective field. Because we share this experience, our sense of belonging and unity rises.

Each ceremony thrives on our own quality of presence and the depth of connection to spirit.



Ritual and prayer in my work

The setting of intention, using prayer, ceremony and ritual is an essential and powerful part in all my sessions, retreats, workshops and classes.
It was a real game changer when I first started to integrate all these elements into my work. It brings the focus away from our mind and the deep conditioning. It gives access to the more natural and raw aspects of our being and connects us with what is sacred and whole in ourselves.

"In the circle we are all equal. When in the circle no-one is in front of you. No-one is behind you. No-one is above you. No one is below you. The sacred circle is designed to create unity."

Working with the elements

Connecting to Mother Nature involves for me using the elements and the moon energies.

  • Earth represents foundation, stability, grounding and roots. It also stands for connecting and honouring the ancestors.
  • Water represents cleansing, emotions and playfulness. Its characteristics are adapting, surrendering and moving. Water contains force and information.
  • Fire represents power, strength and transformation. Fire cleanses. But be aware: to keep the fire alive you need a decent flame. And when the fire is too big you may burn yourself.
  • Air or wind represents clarity, openness, joy, expansion, connection to the sky as well as silence, deep listening and praying.

Honouring the Moon Cycles
When we work with the moon energies we connect to our natural cycle, which has the same length as a woman’s menstrual cycle. Working with the moon energies activates the female energy within us – both within men and women. Our female energy represents intuition, non-verbal expression and fluidity.

The most powerful times to connect with the moon are during full moon and new moon. We perform rituals on these days to remember that we are cyclical beings ourselves. We remember that we are from Nature and that we are part of the cosmos.

  • Full moon represents completion, celebration and abundance. Full moon days are charged with a lot of energy, particularly at the peak. This charge makes a full moon day ideal for high spiritual practices and raising the energy.
  • New moon represents a new beginning. It stands for death and shadows. It carries the energies inward and can bring us in touch with our emotional being.


Ceremonies and Rituals

These are the main ceremonies and rituals I offer: many times they are combined with breathwork or other themes and topics.

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Cacao Ceremony

Working with the cacao medicine!

Singing Circles

Opening up with your voice through prayer!

Postpartum (Re-)Birth Ritual

Integrating difficult birth experiences.


Star Child Ritual

A healing ritual for women who have lost a baby!

Mela 38 weeks print-27

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“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” ― Mahatma Gandhi