Rebirthing Breathwork

“Rebirthing-Breathwork, aka Intuitive Energy Breathing or Conscious Energy Breathing, is the ability to breathe Energy as well as air. It is the art of learning to breathe from the Breath Itself. Rebirthing is perhaps the most valuable self-healing ability that humans can learn. We can not have disease and relaxation in the same space at the same time. Relaxation is the ultimate healer. Every breath induces relaxation. Therefore, breathing is the basic healer. Conscious Energy Breathing is the most natural healing ability of all. This ability involves merging the inhale with the exhale in a gentle relaxed rhythm in an intuitive way that floods the body with Divine Energy.

Rebirthing also means to unravel the birth-death cycle and to incorporate the body and mind into the conscious Life of the Eternal Spirit – to become a conscious expression of the Eternal Spirit. This involves healing the eight biggies of human trauma, which are the birth trauma, the parental disapproval syndrome, specific negatives, the unconscious death urge, karma from past lives, the religion trauma, the school trauma, and senility, etc.” – Leonard Orr

For me rebirthing became my “surival tool” in basically everything. Ever since I came across this work, I have been fascinated about the power of simply just breathing. I would have never tought that the breath can bring me in such a deep state and help me to become more present and transform so many old stories and patterns, that are sitting inside of me. For me it is one of the most powerful healing tools I ever encountered.

In the rebirthing process we look deeply into our birth trauma, as it is connected to the way we live our life. The breath is like a big mirror, the way we breathe, is the way we live. We will be able to discover our beliefsystem and deep patterns and raise awareness, that gives us a great chance for change. Understanding/overcoming our birthtrauma will help us understanding ourselves and we become more relaxed and alive in our daily life.

Rebirthing breathwork is definitely healing on all levels – physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Combined with affirmations, the way of positive thinking and other simple techniques, it is a great tool for self-discovery and self-development.

Within the whole process we aim for an energetic circular breathing, what will come to the surface is unpredictable and usally what we need and not what we want. The process is gentle and pleasurable but also dynamic and powerful,  it teaches us to balance our lives and be in harmony with ourselves and our environment.


Where & When :

Wednesdays, Lisbon, Portugal

@Bloom, Avenida Antonio Augusto Aguiar, 88, 5th floor, 1069 Lisbon


1st Session, including detailed assessment, duration of 2-3 hrs, 80- 120 Euros (low income, please contact for further communication)

Every next session 60- 90.- Euros (duration up to 2 hrs)

Buy a package of 10 sessions- please inquire for price details.


In Luzern (DG Freiraum) oder Umgebung Zürich, je nach dem bei dir zu Hause.


180.- fr. für die Erste Sitzung, mit detailierter Anamnese, bis zu 3 Stunden.

Jede weitere Sitzung 160.- Fr. (ca 1,5 Stunden bis 2 Std)


Only possible if you have done a previous session in person with me before.

To make an appointment:

Send an email to [email protected] or use the contact form