Looking for a Change ?

Sometimes we come to the point in our life, were we know we need a change, but we don’t exactly know what to do. We all go through that. There are many life situations, were we try to be the lonesome warrior, as we have a hard time to ask for help.

I would like to invite you to look a bit deeper. Well first of all I’m not going to be your therapist. I can offer you to guide you with your specific needs and help you to find more joy in changing yourself. I’m not able to save you, nor solve your problems for you. But we can become a team and look at all the symptoms that accur and look deeper to find the source of the problem. With the support of just somebody else, with a different view, gentle confrontation, some mirroring and positive guidance, the orginal issue can be seen differently and is a starting point for positive change.

Below you find all my offerings around different topics. I naturally integrate all aspects of the body and mind, as I truly believe everything we do and feel is interconnected. We are not just treating the symptoms, instead we try to find the source, that many time lies deeply in our beliefsystem, patterns and conditioning.

I’m looking forward to connect and share with you. Feel free to contact me for a free talk, to specify your needs and see if there is some resonance to work with each other.

Sessions available :

Wednesdays @Bloom, Avenida Antonio Augusto Aguiar, 88, 5th floor, 1069 Lisbon

Some specific days in Switzerland (contact me for the schedule)

online anytime through zoom (the session will be recorded and available to you afterwards)


Sessions are held by Mela Mariposa

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Rebirthing Breathwork

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Zen Coaching

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Family Constellation

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Stress Management/ Burn-out Prevention

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Rebirthing Breathwork

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