Postpartum Care

Taking care of a Mother, so she can take care of her family!

Helping a mother to rest, heal and get nourished

Becoming a mother is always a big change for herself and her family, doesn't matter how many children she already has. That a mother can fully embody this change she needs a lot of rest, nourishment, care and support.

Holding the mother, not the baby

Usually when a mother gives birth, everything is all about the baby.

The baby is been taken care off, fed, cuddled, and given all the love from all family members and visitors.

The mother is very likely still in the place of digesting her birth experience, she is just functioning, not able to think much due to the lack of sleep. She may be overwhelmed by emotions, hormonal changes and the new life situation. It may be hard for her to move, as her body may be still be in pain, and she is bleeding and swollen.


Rest, Bodywork, appropriate Nutrition, Warmth and Community

These are the 5 most important needs for a mother to be able to feel empowered, strong, loved, supported and healthy.

Rest is essential for a mothers pelvic and hormonal long term health.

Bodywork helps to settle the nervous system, gives a sense of relaxation and care, and supports the immune system.

Nutrition is as important, it should be warm, easy to digest and a nutritious diet to support healing on all levels.

Warmth, warm food, warm touch, warm environment.

Community, we are not meant to be alone. It needs a village to raise a child. Let's bring back more community into the life of lonely mothers.

These 5 pillars are created by Rachelle Garcia Selgia, the founder of innates traditions. 


"If you want to take care of the future generations- begin by taking care of the Mothers" - Rachelle Garcia Seglia

Offerings for Mothers

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Breathwork in Pregnancy as a birth preparation

During birth you will get in touch with your deepest patterns, fears and conditionings, you may be brought to the edge of yourself and confronted with a force that you haven’t met before.

Breathwork can me incredibly beautiful to help you connect to yourself, your baby and let go of patterns, and fears that may stay in your way to relax into the force of birth. With a gentle approach, I help you prepare yourself for the new you.

1 session usually lasts 2 -3 hrs. Only 2nd and 3rd Trimester.


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Postpartum preparation sessions (during pregnancy)

These session, will help you gain knowledge on how important it is that the mother is been taken care of in her postpartum time an how partners and family can appropriately support her.

It will help you get organised and understand all practicalities that are needed to help the mama rest and heal fully on all levels.

2-3 sessions best around 2-3 month before you give birth. Online and Offline. Get your partners and helpers on board too.


Postpartum LOVE package (in the first six week)

This offering is a special care offering for the mama, including bodywork, yoni steam, integrating your birth-story and support around breastfeeding, nutrition and energetic support.

We finish with a special ceremony, a rebozo ritual, - closing of the bones, to fully integrate this rite of passage as a new mother. (can also happen weeks later)

It is a tailor made program to support all individual needs. From the first hours up to 6 weeks postpartum.


Rebozo Ritual - Closing of the bones

The Rebozo Ritual is an ancient ritual, where the mother is being wrapped up in cloths, to close this big energetic opening after giving birth.

This ritual can happen anytime after birth, even years afterwards.
It is a place for the mama, to relax, share, feel and be seen and held and process all the feelings regarding this new chapter.

I usually combine this with a deep energetic cleanse with copal, a birth story sharing, yoni steam and a foot bath, a gentle abdominal massage and a breathwork to release all the held back emotions.

The full pack will last around 4 hrs, but we can adjust everything to your needs.

Miscarriage Healing Circle (Facebook Cover)

Pregnancy Loss/ Interruption Care

This offering is for all women who have lost a baby or had to go through a difficult journey and interrupted a pregnancy. The love and care these women should receive is the same as the mothers who give birth to a baby.
This is a very individual offer, and usually includes, a deep energetic cleanse, sharing your story, bodywork, breathwork and rebozo ritual.

Online and Offline.


Special Offerings and Rituals in combination with Breathwork

Breathwork in Pregnancy & Postpartum

Working with emotions & preparing for birth. Integrating the birth-process & new life!

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Postpartum (Re-)Birth Ritual

A special ritual for integrating your birth experience. Especially recommended after a difficult birth.


Star Child Ritual & Breathwork

A healing ritual for women who have lost a baby (abortions, miscarriage, stillbirth)

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Discover what fits your needs!


My personal connection to postpartum care

I really have a big passion for mothers and of course the babies. After becoming a mother in 2019 myself I became aware how important the care and nourishment of the mother is and how much knowledge and trust we need to regain.

I gave birth to my son at home, being held by two midwifes that navigated our birth complications professionally. We had experienced a shoulder dystocia. Means the baby got stuck in the birth channel. I was so happy we did not experience this in the hospital. And I was able to process this experience in my own home.

I was able to stay at home and rest and heal for 6 weeks with great support of my partner and my mother. I realized that this is not the usual, and even myself was still lacking of knowledge and resources. Ever since I have been on the journey to embody this new role as a mother, and dedicate part of my work to help new mother thrive and process their rite of passage fully.

My deepest wish is that mothers feel seen, loved, held, nourished and empowered to continue living their dream life!