Easter Retreat

Fully Alive

9  -13 April 2020

Breathwork | Medicine Music | Inner Child work | Drum & Dance | Cacao Ceremony | Nature






Fully Alive – Easter Retreat, Portugal

This is an invitation to join us for a time out in nature, to slow down, to breathe and feel, to leave the daily habits for a moment, as we tend to be fast, to run, to pretend, to put on masks and sometimes we even forget how we feel cause of so many duties.

To STOP and BREATHE creates space, space for yourself, for your inner essence to come out, to be, to play, to express and to feel more alive. We invite you for this conscious gathering in the nature, a coming together, to give thanks to the earth, to be with the nature and listen and play with the aspects of nature.

We will merge the elements of breath, nature, sound and music.
The breath as our life energy tool in everything we do, we put emphasis on becoming more aware of each inhale and exhale throughout this time we have together.

For bringing more aliveness and diving deeper into the power of the breath, we will hold some breathwork & sound medicine ceremonies. To use your own breath in this powerful way, is a great method to release and transform old pattern and beliefs. (* more details about breathwork below)

Throughout these days we also move into the nature, being together walking in silence and listening to the sounds of nature. From the silence the sounds appear, the rhythm can be perceived, like the rhythm of our heartbeat or our feet walking on the earth, the breath going in and out. You will move into the sound, discovering natural rhythms and your voice. An organic improvisation with the group, the sounds and nature, based on listening and the natural flow of energy that manifests in the collective movement.

Easter time, nowadays mainly a feast of chocolate bunnies and consumption, it is also a time of nourishment and fertility. With the sacred plant of cacao, we will open a ceremonial space for expansion, dance and celebration. Through the power of the drums, our voices and the natural sounds that come from within, we connect deeper to our primal roots. With all these different elements we spontaneously access our most natural state of joy and ecstasy.

Not to forget the work with the inner child, we aim to bring a lot of attention to the child within us and work with different elements such as play, movement, music, meditation and constellation work to awaken and nourish the child within us.

*About Breathwork

The way you breathe is the way you live!

The more conscious you breathe the more connected and aware you become. Breathwork uses a simple technic, called “conscious connected breath”, a profound technic that deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, conditioning, negative thoughts/patterns and emotions. It helps us to open up the doors for new possibilities and a greater consciousness. If done properly it is a “gateway” to your inside world, to truly see who you are with all layers of a human being, emotionally, physically and energetically. And yet the outcome is always a surprise, as we are all individuals caring different stories and backgrounds. The main result is pure presence, which eventually leads us into a fuller acceptance of what is .

Our ceremonies are accompanied not just by a playlist or live songs. Miguel brings a very intuitional and deep frequency with his (a-)live music, that is fully improvised and brought to the surface according to the group breathing in front of him. It is a play between the breath and sound and visa versa, both helping each other to receive its healing benefits.


We are blessed to offer this retreat in a great place just about 45min from Lisbon.

Biovilla is a retreat and workshop place with the natural park of Arrabida. They aim to contribute to the social, economic and environmental aspects of our country through practices and innovative business models that put Sustainability at the center of their action. Bringing Sustainability to the day-to-day life of the Portuguese.

We are able to host max 12 people on side, in the charming 3 bedroom dorms.

If you wish to stay in a 2 bedroom room or book an individual room, there are limited options close to biovilla (about a 20min walk)


We love food and we love you, having a conscious and sattvic diet is important for us, as food shall be nourishing and healthy. So we are super happy to be in a place where food is grown and where we can benefit from organic and local products. All meals are vegan and glutenfree.

“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace”

Program and Daily Schedule

9th Arrive & Connect

Arriving after 3pm latest at 6pm.

6.00pm Dinner

8.00pm Opening Circle & Chakra Dance (with live music)

10th Slow down & breathe

8.00am – 9.30am Morning movement (walks, active meditations, yoga)
9.30am – 10.30am Breakfast
10.30am – ca 13.00pm Nature Sound & Silence Walk (exploring natural rhythms) please bring appropriate weather clothes, raincoat, ect. just in case
2pm Light lunch & break
4.00pm -7.00pm Breathwork & Sound Medicine Ceremony
7.00 pm Dinner
8.00pm Open Jam (Let’s see what comes up to be explored)

11th Explore & Expand

8.00am – 9.30am Morning movement (walks, active meditations, yoga)
9.30am – 10.30am Silent Breakfast
10.30am – ca 13.00pm Inner child activation
2pm Lunch break / enjoy the nature
5.00pm -7.00pm Express your voice, Chanting Circle (Mantras & Medicine Songs)
7.00 pm Dinner
8.30pm Concert with Miguel Anumano

12th – let go & celebrate

8.00am – 9.30am Morning movement (walks, active meditations, yoga)|
9.30am – 10.30am Silent Breakfast
11.30pm -4.00pm Cacao, Breathwork & Sound Medicine Ceremony (Mandala Breathwork)
5.00 pm early nourishing dinner
8.00pm Tribal Dance with live music

13th – Good bye

9am -10.30am Morning movement (walks, active meditations, yoga)
10.30am  Brunch
12am – 2pm closing Circle
2.00 pm Light Lunch
3pm Good Bye

Our workshops offer high-quality material and are facilitated by international teachers. Our teachers bring variety and a background of many years of working with people. This retreat is suitable for beginners in yoga  and also helps to develop advanced practitioners.

We will create a sense of being at home and being held in a sacred space to allow transformation to happen.

Check out our teacher profiles to get a better picture about the facilitators of this retreat. In this retreat Mela Mariposa and Miguel Anumano will be the main facilitators . Feel free to ask us any questions.


Retreat Price: 220.- €/person

Accommodation and Food: 160.- € (40 €/Night)

(incl. full board and bed in a shared 3 bedroom dorm on side)

There are limited options for those who wish to stay in a privat accommodation (off site)

Breathe Deeply And Say YES!