Easter Nature Day Retreat

A 1 day getting away into nature and the heart

This is an invitation to join us for a day in nature, to slow down, to breathe and feel, to leave the daily habits for a moment, as we tend to be fast, to run, to pretend, to put on masks and sometimes we even forget how we feel cause of so many duties.

To STOP and BREATHE creates space, space for yourself, for your inner essence to come out, to be, to play, to express and to feel more alive. We invite you for this conscious gathering in the nature, a coming together, to give thanks to the earth, to be with the nature and listen and play with the aspects of nature.

We will merge the elements of breath, nature, sound and music. The breath as our life energy tool in everything we do, we put emphasis on becoming more aware of each inhale and exhale throughout this whole day.

For bringing more aliveness and diving deeper into the power of the breath, we will hold a breathwork & sound medicine ceremony. To use your own breath in this powerful way, is a great method to release and transform old pattern and beliefs. (more details about breathwork below)

In the afternoon we silently move into the nature, being together walking in silence and listening to the sounds of nature. From the silence the sounds appear, the rhythm can be perceived, like the rhythm of our heartbeat or our feet walking on the earth, the breath going in and out. You will move into the sound, discovering natural rhythms and your voice. An organic improvisation with the group, the sounds and nature, based on listening and the natural flow of energy that manifests in the collective movement.

Easter time, nowadays mainly a feast of chocolate bunnies and consumption, it is also a time of nourishment and fertility. With the sacred plant of cacao, we open the ceremonial space in the evening for expansion, dance and celebration. Through the power of the drums, our voices and the natural sounds that come from within, we connect deeper to our primal roots. With all these different elements we spontaneously access our most natural state of joy and ecstasy.

We are blessed to offer this mini- retreat in a great place just about 45min from Lisbon.
Biovilla is a retreat and workshop place with the natural park of Arrabida. They aim to contribute to the social, economic and environmental aspects of our country through practices and innovative business models that put Sustainability at the center of their action. Bringing Sustainability to the day-to-day life of the Portuguese.



  • 10.00 – 13.30 Morning Aliveness Breathwork
    *details about breathwork below
  • 13.30- 15.00 Lunch Break
  • 15.00- 18.00 Nature Meditation, Natural Sound and Rhythm, Bliss- Ball Hunt
  • 18.00- 22.00 Sunset Cacao, Drum, Music & Dance Circle
  • 22.00 soup


The simple technic of the conscious connected breath deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, conditioning, patterns, negative thoughts and emotions. It helps us to open up the doors for new possibilities and greater consciousness.

You will be guided and fully supported in a group breathing session. Lying on a mat, breathing on your own you will be going on a journey with the power of the breath.

The experience may bring up any kind of emotions, up to completely blissful journeys, it depends what is present for you in that very moment. Not what you want will come up, but what you need. Your subconscious knows exactly what you can deal with and where you need to go. Together we rise the awareness within the process, breathe through and transform, what needs to be released. There is no right or wrong, every session is different and not to be compared with someone else’s journey.

This technic is a profound tool to release old patterns, to connect deeper with your heart and to see more clear who and where you really are.

Arriving and connecting to the breath and body thru understanding the process mentally (explanation) and thru feeling (breath focused-meditation) and some movement & connection exercise to drop into the body- where the feelings are present.

We work with elements out of Yoga, Tantra, Family Constellation, Shamanism, Movement and Dance.

The breathing practice lasts approximately 1 hour, in this session we will be sitting (a slightly different way then usual) all guided with the wonderful live sound medicine of Miguel Anumano. After the breathing there is a relaxation/integration time and a possibility for sharing.

Where & When:

20.04 2019, 10.00- 22.00 hrs, Biovilla, Arrabida

Energy exchange:

Full Day
75.- €  including lunch and soup
65.- € with only soup

1/2 Day (10.00- 18.00)

Breathwork & Nature Connection, Bliss-Ball- Hunt (yes, there is some chocolate)

including lunch 50.- € without 35.- €

1/2 Day (15.00- 22.00)
Nature Connection, Bliss- Ball- Hunt, Cacao, Drum, Music & Dance Circle

including soup 40.- €

only Evening (18.00- 22.00)

only cacao and drum/music circle incl. soup 25.- €

What to bring:

  • a water bottle
  • comfortable clothes
  • if you don’t join for lunch, bring some snacks
  • for the breathwork: a blanket and something to lie on, like a yoga mat
  • drums or other instruments (don’t be shy)

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