A 7-week online course through your chakra system!

Starting with the New Moon energy on the 9th of June 2021!

From the earth to the sky, from below to above, from the root to the crown.


Chakra- Breath- Journey

Together we explore the chakra system, our energy system, with breathing practices, meditations and exercises and the main and most powerful tool of all: "conscious connected breathing".

This course happens over 7 weeks during which we meet once a week online via zoom. There are homework and exercises for you that are simple and easy to integrate into your daily life: but they need commitment. In addition, we have a private Facebook group - where you can connect with the current group for sharing and encouraging each other.

Muladhara, root chakra symbol. Colorful mandala. Vector illustration

9th of June at 6- 8.30pm (GMT) via zoom - New Moon Energy

Root Chakra

We begin with our roots, where we connect to the element of earth and our foundation, our stability and our ancestors. The body as our temple.

As it is our first meeting we focus on building trust and connection to each other, as this is essential for a profound journey together. It is not only essential for the group dynamic and your journey, but is also a tool for you to understand the topic of having foundation in your personal life. Trust is primal, and necessary for you to step into your power and to live fully, with joy and in abundance.

We open our 7 week journey with a prayer to set our intentions, together with the strong new moon energy! In this session we are looking at the basic principles of breathing exercises for grounding and stability.


Svadhishthana, sacral chakra symbol. Colorful mandala. Vector illustration

16th of June, 6- 8.30pm (GMT) via zoom

Sacral Chakra

As we rise up through our creativity and sensuality, we enter the deep waters of our emotions and feelings. We honour them and our body that is made up of 70% of water. We become fluid, adaptable, and we invite and accept change as part of our nature.

This session is fully dedicated to introduce you to the power of the breathwork "conscious connected breathing". You will receive an hour-long session, guided with powerful music medicine to support your journey.


Manipura, solar plexus chakra symbol. Colorful mandala. Vector illustration

23rd of June, 6- 8.30pm (GMT) via zoom

Solar Plexus Chakra

We are exploring our inner fire, to discover and connect to our inner warrior and get into the power of who we really are. This chakra is related to our sense of purpose, our personal identity and also connected with our digestive system.

This time we dig a little deeper into specific breathing exercises to active our inner fire. But we are not just looking into the breath: we will also integrate a movement practice, look into nutritional support and move into a shamanic journey with the drum.


Anahata, heart chakra symbol. Colorful mandala. Vector illustration

30th of June, 6- 8.30pm (GMT) via zoom

Heart Chakra

The centre of the 7 chakras is the heart- where the energy from above and below meet, where our physical heart beats and pumps its power into our body. It's the place of love and compassion, of a deeper frequency and a place for healing old wounds and nourishing our inner mother.

In this session we again move into a 1 hr breathwork session (conscious connected breathing). You receive a special heart meditation, and we are going to look into self-love rituals/practices and how to nourish yourself instead of looking for approval from the outside.

Taking care of yourself is essential for your relationships, for your life missions and for your emotional and physical health.


Vishuddha, throat chakra symbol. Colorful mandala. Vector illustration

7th of July, 6- 8.30pm (GMT) via zoom

Throat Chakra

We tap into the field of expression and communication and connect to the power of our voice. The 5th chakra as an extension of our heart chakra, connected to speaking our truth and embracing authenticity.

This session is dedicated to the breathing practices related with sound. We practise listening and explore humming, making awkward sounds and aim to use our full vocal potential. We are going to work with a special forgiveness meditation.


Ajna, third eye chakra symbol. Colorful mandala. Vector illustration

14th of July, 6- 8.30pm (GMT) via zoom (may last longer)

Third Eye Chakra

Our system is now prepared to connect and receive our visions. We active our pineal gland and look into the place of our intuition. It is not about seeing your future, but about how do you understand your incredible gifts and potential?

This will be our 3rd breathwork ceremony (conscious-connected-breathing)! This session is all about gaining knowledge into what your dreams are, into what is it that makes you happy? Have you ever dreamed beyond your imagination? What if everything is possible?


Sahasrara, crown chakra symbol. Colorful mandala. Vector illustration

21st of July, 6- 8.30pm (GMT) via zoom

Crown Chakra

The crown is the place of silence and of connection to pure consciousness.

Here you will be introduced to a special chakra breathing meditation, as well as a chanting practice through the chakras. At the end of the session you receive a healing sound bath. We close our circle with a sharing.


What will you get in this course?

  • 7 live online meetings
  • 3x 1 hour breathwork ceremonies (conscious-connected-breathing)
  • A profound understanding of the chakra system and your personal energies
  • A big variety of effective and simple breathing exercises
  • Tips and knowledge for a healthier lifestyle through nutrition
  • Movement practices and self care rituals to make your body your temple
  • Powerful meditations that you can take with you (for downloads)
  • A deeper connection to yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • A sense of community
  • Music as a powerful tool for healing
  • All recordings available for the rest of the year.
  • Simple "homework" to keep you going

It is recommended to be present in all meetings, so you can ask questions and you can feel the collective energy BUT it is not a problem if you cannot. You will receive access to all recordings (available 24 hrs later).

This course is for you:

  • If you are interested in understanding your chakra system
  • If you want to learn more about breathing practices
  • If you want to experience powerful breathwork sessions
  • If you want to change something in your life
  • If you feel disconnected to yourself and others
  • If you lack purpose in your life
  • If you want to develop more self-care
  • If you want to understand your emotions and feelings better

This course is NOT for you if:

  • If you are not willing to invest a few minutes every day
  • If you don't have a sense of commitment
  • If you don't like to be guided
  • If you are not open to changing your mind
  • If you don't feel ready to let go of old habits and patterns
  • If you are pregnant (in any case: get in touch)
  • If you suffer from severe heart disease
  • If you have suffered from psychotic episodes


7-week online course: 149.- €


Access for 2 people in the same household: 249.- €

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