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 Breathwork Facilitator Training

Do you want to learn how to guide someone save through a powerful breathwork session ?

Are you interested to learn about your nervous system and receive tools to deepen your connection to your feelings and emotions, and apply this to your clients?

Breathwork is a tool that helps your clients, to release stuck emotions, look beyond patterns and understand the power within their own body.

This training is for therapists, bodyworkers, yogis and healers that want to enrich their offerings, and anyone who is interested to learn how to guide someone into a place of deep connection, and presence with themselves.

Breathwork is an incredible powerful healing modality.

It can bring you into very deep states of yourself, a trance like state, only using your breath. In a short time you can explore a heightened state of presence and self-awareness. With this specific conscious connected breathing technique you are moving your energy, and with that you probably get in touch with your thought- patterns, emotions and experiences beyond your mind.

You get the possibility to dive deep into your subconscious, moving stuck energy or traumas and let go of mental projections. Breathwork is a powerful medicine and deep work, it opens up, brings more aliveness and helps to shift your energy to bringing more awareness to yourself and complete some healing in yet unresolved places.

In this breathwork training, we are focusing on a deep understanding of the breath, and its power including a profound holistic approach and working with intuition.

The focus is on gentleness, softness and opening, rather than on catharsis. Supporting the nervous system to relax and prevent from moving into fight or flight.

Each facilitator has to go through a personal journey embodying their own breath, to be able to guide a client into a save space of healing.

Safety is of highest priority. Holding space for others in order to heal requires a deep understanding of behaviours and patters, you will learn how to read your clients breaths and how your clients life patterns are reflected in the way he breathes. Integration, is as big as the breathing part itself. You will learn how to work with rituals, get familiar with the energy system, and learn how to use the powerful source of mother earth.

This training includes deep personal work and requires a strong commitment.

"Thank you so much! This was amazing. I am having a hard time writing, remembering words and moving my fingers. I achieved a bliss like never before. I would not have thought this could be this intense. In the beginning it did not feel like much but the feeling at the end… Whoa. This was exactly what I needed right now. Thank you Mela!" ~ Julia, Germany

Breathwork Facilitator Training

This training is designed in a way to give you space and time to practise and grow with your personal and professional work.

Module 1 has to be taken first, then you can choose how you want to continue.

Module 1 EARTH, Foundation: (10 Days)
Learn about the principles of breathwork and trauma and practice to give a save 1:1 Session.

Module 2 WATER, Expansion: (7 Days)
Beyond Breathwork, sharpening your intuition and learn how to work with energies. You will get familiar with the chakra system and how to use it in your work, work with the elements, and experience to breathe in the water.

Module 3 FIRE, Blossom: (7 Days)
Hold a save space as a group facilitator, learn and create rituals and ceremonies. Get into your power and share your magic.

Module 4 AIR, Deep healing: (7 Days)
Deepening your knowledge about trauma, TRE & family constellation.

Module 1 Earth, Foundation

What is included in Module 1 Earth, Foundation:

  • Foundation & History of Breathwork.
  • Everything about how to hold a 1-2-1 breathwork session incl daily practise.
  • Creating /Holding a safe space for your clients and for transformation, healing and releasing.
  • Anatomy of the breath and the art of touch.
  • Several breathing practises and pranayama.
  • Importance of Nutrition/Fasting in Breathwork
  • Intuition and your own powerful capacity to work with people.
  • How to recognise a trauma, how to deal with it and when to hand over to a trauma expert.
  • Introduction into the Polyvagal Theory.
  • Contra Indications and Catharsis.
  • Introduction into purification practises with the elements (earth/water/fire/air).
  • 1-2-1 Setting vs Group setting, why is it so important to give 1-2-1 sessions first.
  • Introduction into soundhealing and music medicine for effective breathing journeys and integration.
  • How to work with Emotions and Feelings.
  • Integration practises.
  • How to start giving sessions, building up your business/breathwork community.

The course days will usually start with movement/ active meditations, followed by integrated silence, sharings and organic healthy food.

It will be an organic flow and adaptation to the course participants. Means the content is subject to change. You will receive and give breathwork sessions almost every day.

A healthy physical and emotionally balanced state of being is required to be able to be part of this training.

Participation is only possible after personal interview and registration process. This training needs full commitment and awareness that a lot of emotions and feeling will come up for oneself. This is completely normal and part of the journey to be a good practitioner. Personal experience will make you a great facilitator.


Participation in either 1:1 work, Group sessions, Retreats or Workshops, hosted by Mela.

Module 1 Earth, Foundation, Course Fee:

1444.- €, not incl. food and accommodation. 10 days. Max. 12 participants.

Payment plans available, as well as scholarship programs for Portuguese citizen living in Portugal.

Module 2 Water, Expansion

What is included in Module 2 Water, Expansion:

  • Learn everything about the chakra system and how to integrate it in to your practise.
  • Deepen your practise with Sound Healing, Music Medicine
  • Experience the power of breathwork in water.
  • Practises to enhance and trust your intuition.
  • How to integrate the power of intention & prayer.
  • Altar building and working with your spirit guides.
  • Creativity and how it helps your clients to express themselves.
  • Daily breathwork sessions to deepen your practise.
  • Practise of meditation & silence.
  • Including the natures element in to your work, earth, water, fire and air.
  • In depth practises for purifications, energetic cleanses.

This module is dedicated to explore deeper about energies, creativity and the work with your spirit guides.


Module 2, can only be taken once you completed Module 1.

Module 2, Water, Expansion Course Fee:

777.- € for 7 days, not incl. food and accommodation. Max 12 participants.

Module 3 Fire, Blossom

What is included in Module 3 Fire, Blossom:

  • How to lead group breathwork ceremonies.
  • How to professionally lead groups.
  • Understanding group dynamics.
  • Creating effective playlists, working with life music and/or sound healing.
  • Creating a save container for breathers - Safety as a priority.
  • Contra-indications for groups.
  • Co-creating with others, working with assistants.
  • How to prepare breathers for the process.
  • Set and setting.
  • Creating trust and openness within the group.
  • The power of sharing circles.
  • Daily Group breathwork ceremonies.
  • Practise to lead groups from day 1.
  • Meditations, movement and integration practises.
  • Creating Rituals & Ceremonies
  • Find your magic and what you want to share with the world through this work.
  • Leadership as a way of life

This module is to go deep in the work with groups, to understand group dynamics and learn about how to weave in different elements, such as dance/movement, meditations, emotional work. You will learn about space holding, integration, after care and how to create a save space for difficult situations. It's the place where you come to own your own leadership and make you confident and shine in what you have to offer.


Module 1, can only be taken once you completed Module 1.

Module 3, Fire, Blossom, Course Fee:

777.- € for 7 days, not incl. food and accommodation. Max 12 participants.

Module 4 Air, Deep Healing

What is included in Module 4, Air, Deep Healing:

  • Deepening your Knowledge about trauma and the effects on you as a facilitator and your clients
  • Different modalities, TRE, Bodywork, Family Constellation
  • Daily breathwork sessions
  • Different teachers sharing their knowledge
  • A space for yourself to open up more, understand your patterns and shadows
  • Through your own healing you become a powerful leader
  • Meditations and Integration Practises.
  • Lots of space for silence and integration

Note this module is not to become a trauma specialist. This module shall empower you and your own healing journey and help you become a powerful leader. Through working with yourself you will be able to guide your clients into a save space through breathwork. This module requires a stable state of mind, as it can bring up lots of emotions and bring you into unknown places. It is a commitment to growth and healing. You will be fully supported on your journey.

This week will be supported by specialised trauma facilitators.



Module 1, can only be taken once you completed Module 1.

Module 4, Air, Deep Healing, Course Fee:

999.- € for 7 days, not incl. food and accommodation. Max 12 participants.

Team Members

Mela Mariposa

Mela Mariposa - Founder and main facilitator

Mela Mariposa, a mom of 1 boy, a breathwork facilitator, spirit coach and cacao mama, she loves sharing her passion in rituals and ceremonies.

The main focus in Mela's work is to accompany her clients/groups into a state of presence and into their heart space, where transformation can take place. She loves working with people who want to develop their potential and fulfil their dreams, people who are ready to go deep and want to dissolve old patterns and habits.

Mela has a huge background knowledge, she worked for over 12 years as a nurse in psychiatric clinics, she is a holistic nutritionist and spent years studying the science and practise of traditional yoga. She has lived, trained and taught in various communities in Asia and Europe. Nowadays she integrates shamanic work, western therapeutic elements and elements from traditional Yoga & Tantra.


Eva Kormos - Kundalini Yoga teacher, Trauma Specialist

Since very early in my childhood I was searching for something. Something more meaningful and true than what life seemed to be. It felt that there is more to it and something important was missing. I tried to fill this gap with different forms of addictions which lately became my main field of interest in my work.
This deep longing in my heart brought me in various adventures in all sorts of spiritual paths, modalities of self-knowledge and healing works. The ones that had the strongest influence on my life was Self-Enquiry, Yoga, Dance Therapy and Non Violent Communication.

After my first encounter with hatha yoga I did some studies and practice in a tantric yoga path. In 2008 I met Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and since then I’ve been practising and teaching this branch of yoga.

I completed my Level 1 and 2 trainings, I have a specialization in Addiction and Trauma Recovery, Yogic Science for Leadership and Success and Kundalini Yoga Counselling.
I’ve been working with addicts in different recovery facilities in Hungary and Italy and also on my private courses.

For me yoga is not limited to the time we spend on our yoga mat. Actually it starts after that. It makes sense only if we manage to translate our experiences into our daily life and supports us in our inner transformation, in the process of giving birth to our true self, cleaning all our false beliefs and limiting thoughts about ourselves.

I believe we are here to be happy and enjoy fully this human existence, serving each other with our gifts. I’m happy if I can support you in your journey of Self-discovery with the knowledge and tools of Kundalini Yoga.

Schedule Example

7.30- 8.30 Morning Movement (Yoga, Dance, active Meditation, Silent walks )
8.30. 9.30 Breakfast (in silence)
10.00- 13.00 Theory and practises
13.00 Light Lunch
14.30/15.00 Breathwork Practise
17-18.00 Sharing/ Evening Mediation
19.00 Dinner
20.00 Rest / Singing/ Fire


Dates in 2023:

Module 1 Earth, Foundation:

14-25th September 23,

Madre Selva, Sintra, Portugal

Module 2, Water, Expansion:

Planned for Nov 2023 in Sintra


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