Have you ever felt disconnected, anxious, or unable to achieve your goals?

Are you experiencing an emotional or challenging period in your life?

Maybe you have already realized how some of your habits, patterns, and ways of thinking are holding you back from living your life, full of purpose and joy?

Would you like to be guided into experiencing states of pure presence and expanding your consciousness?

Guidance - Breath - Ceremony

I am here to guide you through a process of transformation of your innermost being.

Enabling you to connect to your heart, your full breathing potential, your purpose and freedom is my mission.

My highest priority is to create a safe space for you where you can relax and move into your highest potential.


Last spots for the Breathwork Facilitator Training, Earth Module, June 6-16th, in Portugal!


Upcoming Events:

Breathwork Ceremony, 17th of May, 6.30pm, Lisboa, @LittleYogaSpace

Breathwork Ceremony, 30th of May, 6pm in Pedralva, SW Algarve



Spirit Coaching

Together we discover the main roadblocks on your path to a life full of joy and purpose. We will bring light into the blind spots, the dark corners, difficult emotions and shadows; those places we can not usually reach alone. Perhabs because they are too painful, in some instances they carry old wounds and traumas, or you are simply overwhelmed by their sensations.

By taking responsibility for your state of mind and emotions, there is little that you cannot achieve.

My coaching work draws from Western therapeutic approaches as well as using embodiment and consciousness tools from the East to support your process of evolution. Much of our focus will be on your breath, because the breath is an incredible mirror of the way you live your life.

The practical integration into ‘real life’ of all your insights, so that they have lasting effects, is also of great importance.


Breathwork is an ancient healing practice and a magnificent tool to reach both far and deep in a short time.

The breathing technique called Conscious Connected Breath brings you quickly into a state close to or similar to a trance. As a result your energy level rises, and emotions and thought patterns become much more recognisable. You may gain more focus and clarity, and with this you may experience a strong presence or state of bliss. You will feel deeply connected to yourself. It is a state where powerful transformation is possible.

I offer Breathwork individually, as a tool in my coaching sessions, in combination with powerful rituals and in group settings. I also offer many of these sessions online.

Additionally, you can also find special offerings of breathwork for pregnant women, difficult birth integration rituals and healing ceremonies.

Rituals & Ceremonies

Rituals and ceremonies work their magic on yet another level of our being. They are sacred spaces where we create a place for connection, healing and transformation.

Individual rituals mainly focus on bringing healing into a specific place in your life.

Conceiving a baby and giving birth is a big shift and rite of passage for a woman, both physically and emotionally. Sometimes the birth process ends up being difficult and painful.

The postpartum (Re)-Birth Ritual is a powerful ritual to rewrite your story and bring acceptance into that which is. The Star-Child Ritual is a healing ritual for women who have lost a baby, had abortions or miscarriages, suffered a stillbirth or the early loss of a child.

In group rituals and ceremonies, we often use the sacred medicine Cacao to set intentions and connect to our heart centre. We work with singing circles, in which we integrate breathwork, prayers, the four directions, the elements and the moon energies.

Being in a sacred place where we share and connect with the same intention, is a powerful portal. It can be a turning point in your life when you allow guidance and support within that experience. By being together in community and working with the powerful gifts Mother Earth provides, we can reconnect to these energies while leaving our deep conditioning aside. 


We carefully work together to create your individual programme.

Change is inevitable but transformation is by conscious choice. ~Heather Ash Amara


My name is Mela Mariposa.

I am a breathwork facilitator, spirit coach, cacao mama and a mother of a little boy.

My mission is to guide women/mothers with a longing for transformation on their journey to the heart. It is a process of self-discovery that takes courage and a willingness to leave your comfort zone.

Your determination to search and your commitment to change is what will bring the desired results – whatever this may be: your self-development and spiritual growth, finding your potential and purpose, or connecting with freedom, love and bliss.

I hold a safe space of mutual trust with clear boundaries in which you can open-up to your innermost being. I guide you with the intuition and empathy as a caring mother and the honesty and authenticity of a committed coach.

"I am fully committed to support women who are ready for a transformation on their way to a meaningful life full of joy and abundance."


My personal story

I was living a dull routine, for years very disconnected from myself and others. I did not know what was missing but I had a deep longing for more. So I packed my bags and went on a trip for many years in which I collected experiences, techniques and tools from various traditions.

Breathwork and the therapy work I experienced with Svagito Liebermeister are, however, what mainly brought me back to life. Breathwork opened a door into a world that I never even knew existed. It brought me closer to myself and helped me let go of the fearful, closed and rigid being that I was at that time. I instantly loved the intensity of the breathwork and its power to induce states of presence, clarity and connection. The Zen Way of Counselling (by Svagito) helped me to bridge meditation and therapy, healing many of my wounds.

Today I use my own breathwork and coaching system. I integrate tried-and-true techniques from ceremonies and shamanic rituals, as well as Western therapeutic approaches and Eastern elements from traditional yoga and Tantra. My last studies and education have been focused on birth, postpartum care, and health care for mothers.


What other people say about my work

Mela is a sensitive, perceptive, caring, creative, safe, healer-being, synergistically attuned with the person's inner elements and orchestrating them with the everything else...thus giving space for that which needs to be. I feel very blessed for having her there on my journey.



With Mela I learnt about breathwork, and my whole life. She triggered me many times in a very friendly and beautiful way, so I finally had to investigate it and go through the emotions and feelings. The biggest effect after the breathwork teacher training was; I've learnt to be present and really feel myself.



I just wanted to say, thank you so much Mela for this experience - it was the first time experiencing such a strong thing, I really really appreciated the way we managed to go through ourself, our body, our mind, our breath. I feel my head (brain) super warm and at the same time my body super light - it is a very strange feeling, but I kind of like it! Looking forward to another session! Grazie



I have explored Mela’s work as a yoga teacher, breath worker and a coach. Her deep understanding of human beings has touched me very deeply and still does. As a yoga teacher she makes people to feel their bodies through the movement and combines it with energizing breathing exercises and a great humour. Through the breathwork I have greater access to my emotions and learned to accept my shadows. Mela has a beautiful gift of creating a safe space where to work with your fears and nourish the connection to yourself. And at the right moment she reminds how important it is to laugh, have fun and enjoy the colours we have in life. I highly value her work, where she helps people to express themselves as they are.



Upcoming Retreats

Breathwork Teacher Training-109

Breath is Life Retreat

The power of breath

27th-31th of March, Algarve


Womb of Light

Women Retreat

Spring 2024


Breathwork Teacher Training

Earth Module

6th-16th of June, Algarve

Breathwork Ceremonies, live and online, Cacao Rituals, Singing Circles and powerful Rituals for more connection and healing!

Rebalance. Breathe. Destress. Relax. Grow. Be. Inspire. Connect. Laugh. LetGo. Celebrate.