Healing Retreat

14th - 16th of October in Portugal

Prayer Ceremony, Medicine Music, Cacao & Breathwork 

This is a space for you to be fully held, to relax into your breath and reconnect with mother earth through the powerful work in ceremony.


In this retreat we are bringing together powerful tools, to deepen our connection to mother earth and to ourselves.

There will be a Prayer Ceremony with Yari & Paula and a Cacao & Breathwork Ceremony with Mela & Miguel.

There is plenty of integration time, resting, sharing circles, nature walks and space for you to be held in your journey fully.

Separately you will have to opportunity to deepen your journey with Kambo Medicine, offered at extra cost Friday morning.

Within the retreat it is possible to book 1:1 sessions with the facilitators.



The more conscious you breathe the more connected and aware you become.

Breathwork uses a simple technique, called “conscious connected breath”, a profound technique that deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, conditioning, negative thoughts/patterns and emotions.
It helps us to open up the doors for new possibilities and a greater consciousness. If done properly it is a “gateway” to your inside world, to truly see who you are with all layers of a human being, emotionally, physically and energetically. And yet the outcome is always a surprise, as we are all individuals caring different stories and backgrounds. The main result is pure presence & awareness, which eventually leads us into a fuller acceptance of what is.

Important to know:

This retreat is not suitable for you in case of pregnancy, or if you suffer of any severe heart disease, psychosis or epilepsy. It is required to fill out a health questionnaire, only after that you will be accepted to the retreat.

Please get in touch if you are in any doubt about your health situation.


Day 1

Arrival until 2pm

For those doing Kambo (book separately) arrival at 10am!

4pm Opening circle & setting Intentions

6pm Breath & Movement with Mela

7pm Prayer Ceremony with Yari & Paula

Day 2

8am Breakfast

------ REST ------

5pm Sharing Circle

6pm Dinner

7.30pm Space is open for sharing, music jams, dancing ...

Day 3

8am Kundalini Yoga with Mela

9.30am Breakfast

12.30pm Cacao & Breathwork Ceremony with Mela & Miguel

5pm Closing Circle

6pm Dinner and Good Bye

This program has been carefully designed to create a beautiful wave to enter into the space of this deep work. Note that some slight changes my arise.

Who is guiding you:


Mela Mariposa, is a breathwork facilitator, spirit coach and cacao mama, she loves sharing her passion in rituals and ceremonies.

Mela has a huge background knowledge, she worked for over 12 years as a nurse in psychiatric clinics, she is a holistic nutritionist and spent years studying the science and practise of traditional yoga. She has lived, trained and taught in various communities in Asia and Europe. Nowadays she integrates shamanic work, western therapeutic elements and elements from traditional Yoga & Tantra.

Miguel Anumano

Miguel Anumano.

I came into this world with a genuine open heart and the gifts of joy, freedom and flow. Passionately looking for depth and the unity between all things. Very early I understood the power of music, and became a devoted explorer of that power.

I started playing with rhythm instruments as a young boy, and ever since I have been in a permanent experiential research on world sounds, drumming, and all types of instruments,the spiritual aspects of music, the human voice, tribalism, deep listening, presence, authenticity, intuitive expression, the state of trance, ecstasy and connection to nature. 

With a natural tendency for creating high energy states, throughout the last decade I have been playing music in gatherings, retreats, conscious movement practices, ecstatic dance and plant medicine rituals. I have been guiding drum circles, rhythm classes, and voice activations.

Out of all this, it became very clear that (probably) the most powerful and healing experience that I know, is when we get together around the fire, drumming, singing, dancing and praying. I am here to hold space for that.

Location & Details

14th - 16th of October 2022 at the Moon Heart Temple, in Luzianes, Portugal

The retreat is held at the Moon Heart Temple.

We are living on a shared land with 7 other families, horses and lots chickens. It is in the middle of the nature, where the night sky is shining bright and the silence is touching your soul.

The work is either held outdoors, or inside the dome. Accommodation is basic and yet we give everything to make it as comfortable as possible.



Retreat Fee, includes organic/local vegetarian food.

Minimum : 270.- Euros

Normal: 300.- Euros

Abundant:  350.- Euros



(has to be booked separately and paid in cash at the venue)

Own Van/Tent: 10.-/Night
Bell-tent or Caravan with provided Bed and sheets: 20.-/ Night
(6 beds available in total)

Bring your own sleeping material to sleep in the Dome: 10.-/Night

Sign Up:

YES, I'm IN!